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Learning is just a call away!!!  ഒരു വിളിപ്പാടകലെ The pandemic has forced education to explore new pathways. No matter what, our children need to be educated and empowered. To support education FOMAA and its affiliated organizations are in need of donations to buy cell phones for students. This will provide opportunity to students to access their curriculum and communicate with their teachers through daily school sessions. No child in Kerala should fall behind in their education. Let us donate to ensure that our children in Kerala get the learning opportunities while they are in lockdown. Knowledge is power- let us empower our children! Your contribution will be used to fund phones
FOMAA Helping Hands
Saving Lives- From my Heart to your Hands
FOMAA Helping Hands is the branch of the Federation of Malayalee Associations of Americas (FOMAA). One of FOMAA’s main focus is to inspire the members to actively involve in the social, cultural, educational and charitable opportunities. Presently FOMAA has 73 member organizations affiliated with us.

Helping Hands has donated to various causes : $4215. Where 4215 is the sum of all raised money for closed cases.

Medical Needs
​ Individuals with critical health issues requiring financial support.
Education Needs
Aspiring students experiencing financial hardships in various fields of education.
Natural Disaster/Calamities
Families and individuals who have suffered loss due to natural disasters or calamities.
Victims of​ unexpected ​ tragedies.
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