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Learning is just a call away!!!  ഒരു വിളിപ്പാടകലെ The pandemic has forced education to explore new pathways. No matter what, our children need to be educated and empowered. To support education FOMAA and its affiliated organizations are in need of donations to buy cell phones for students. This will provide opportunity to students to access their curriculum and communicate with their teachers through daily school sessions. No child in Kerala should fall behind in their education. Let us donate to ensure that our children in Kerala get the learning opportunities while they are in lockdown. Knowledge is power- let us empower our children! Your contribution will be used to fund phones
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Margarate Aldreena Mendez, a 12th grade student in Mallappally, Pathanamthitta has been diagnosed with cancer on her leg. The cancerous tumor has been removed through surgery, and she has been undergoing chemotherapy. She is struggling to withstand the agonizing processes during her treatment with determination. Margarate comes from a very poor family that has no means to pay for the treatment. She is requesting support from FOMAA well wishers.