FOMAA Helping Hands
Saving Lives- From my Heart to your Hands

FOMAA Helping Hands is the branch of the Federation of Malayalee Associations of Americas (FOMAA). One of FOMAA’s main focus is to inspire the members to actively involve in the social, cultural, educational and charitable opportunities. Presently FOMAA has 73 member organizations affiliated with us.

FOMAA ​ Helping Hands envisions to bring together individuals who are committed to making a difference by empowering others to create a positive social change in the Malayalee community by helping others.

FOMAA ​ is a 501(c)(3) non profit charitable organization. The focus of ​ FOMAA ​ Helping Hands, a subsidiary of ​ FOMAA, ​ is to unify all Malayalee communities, families and individuals in the U.S, Canada, Mexico and India to support our fellow Malayalees in need of critical support ​ during ​ medical, educational and emergency situations.
The objectives of this charity project include
  • check Involving compassionate and committed donors.
  • check Collaborating with FOMAA affiliated organizations.
  • check Providing accountability and transparency in all activities.
  • check Provide monthly support based on eligibility.
  • Areas of Support and Eligibility
    Medical Needs
    ​ Individuals with critical health issues requiring financial support.
    Education Needs
    Aspiring students experiencing financial hardships in various fields of education.
    Natural Disaster/Calamities
    Families and individuals who have suffered loss due to natural disasters or calamities.
    Victims of​ unexpected ​ tragedies.
    Selection criteria and Fund Distribution
  • check FOMAA Helping Hands plans to support a minimum of five eligible recipients and any emergency cases every month. Eligible applicants can apply through this website
  • check Tier 1: Once FOMAA Helping Hands receives applications from eligible recipients, they are reviewed by a panel. The panel selects the eligible recipients and informs the FOMAA Helping Hands ad hoc committee.
  • check Tier 2: The FOMAA Helping Hands ad hoc committee makes the final review and approves the applications.
  • check Tier 3: The approved request will be published on the FOMAA Helping Hands website and social media for fundraising. Notification will be sent to all donors. Once the donations are received they are disseminated to the requested applicants. Then the cases will be closed.
  • check The next set of application processes for support repeats every month in a recurring pattern.
  • How can ​ YOU ​ support?
  • check Become a donor (Minimum $100).
  • check Make a recurring donation to a specific area of needs.
  • check Direct sponsorship (Support one time cause).
  • check Youth under 21 years can be part of this charity mission by offering a minimum of $50 donation.
  • Lifetime Member​ of FOMAA Helping Hands​
  • label_important $10000.00 (Diamond Star).
  • Pathway to a lifetime membership ​ of FOMAA Helping Hands
  • label_important $5000 donation (Platinum).
  • label_important $3000 donation (Gold).
  • label_important $2000 donation (Silver).
  • label_important $1000 donation (Bronze).
  • Option to donate with checks . Make the checks payable to FOMAA. On the memo section please write "helping hands " and your email id. Send the check to
    FOMAA, 390 New Brunswick Ave Fords, NJ 08863
    We can achieve
    We make this mission successful through your commitment to this charitable cause.​ ​ Your compassion, care, collaboration, and above all your generosity are the foundation to achieve our purpose.

    we stand in crisis

    ​ we help

    we make a difference

    Please support ​ FOMAA Helping Hands!!!!