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Case Category: Educational need for Chicago Resident Region origination: Central region, Chicago, IL Recipient info: Requester– Currently in school for RN associate degree @ College of DuPage, After RN associate degree all the credits will be transferred to the university. Amount requested $4,716 to be paid by end of June - Nursing school Message from Chicago: To the FOMAA executive members and FOMAA Helping Hands to help this family from Chicago in the category of “Educational Needs”. This case originates from Chicago and at the request of Dr. Rosemary Kolencherrry, President- Kerala Association of Chicago. A very poor immigrant Malayalee family currently residing in Willowbrook, IL, has been in the US for last 12 months with no income and trying to fulfill an American dream. Like many nurses, She came here with her family, to fulfill and complete her nursing degree to save her family and to help them with a better future. Her husband is only a restaurant worker and two young children, ages 5 yrs and 11 years. The last year has been especially hard with the husband losing his modest income when the restaurant he worked in fell into hard times. With no other income, Dr. Rosemary and others here have been helping them with their necessities. Sincerely, Nisha Eric FOMAA HH and FOMAA Central region representative Personal Message from Requester: “Thanking FOMAA Helping Hands and FOMAA in advance for the help extended. It is more than 12 months with no work and no salary received. We used all resources including borrowing from friends and family for daily activities. We are at the brim of a breakdown and I am afraid that I cannot finish school. We came to America after selling our share and all gold. If we go back we don’t even have anything to live on. Whatever we had there were all lost in the 2018 flood. My goal is to finish school and find a job, but I am not in a position to continue. Please help us with your helping hands. Thank you so much!” (Real Name removed due to privacy concerns)
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Sub: FOMAA and its Affiliates join hands to help COVID Victims. The pandemic in India has caused an alarming spike in the number of COVID patients and fatalities.A Spartan second wave of COVID-19 is sweeping across India and the country’s healthcare system is overwhelmed. The number of new cases are crossing 400,000 every day and the death toll is increasing which touched 3796 on Wednesday, May 5th. With more than 3.5 million active cases in the country, hospitals are struggling to accommodate new patients and an acute shortage of hospital beds, ventilators and oxygen is causing serious stress all over the nation. FOMAA, in collaboration with its affiliated associations, is providing oxygen concentrators, cylinders, tanks, BiPAP to the affected patients and public. Following the discussions with the District Collectors of Kozhikode and Thrissur, it was decided to coordinate the activities to assist the needy patients through the district and thaluk hospitals.FOMAA aims to accomplish the arduous task of delivering at least 500 oxygen concentrators, cylinders, tanks, and BiPAP to the hospitals throughout in Kerala. This is expected to contain and curb the spread of COVID and provide much-needed oxygen, life-saving devices, and medicines. Several charities, donors, and member organizations of FOMAA have come forward with contributions for this service. More organizations have also pledged their support to FOMAA. Let's all be part of this fight against the virus. FOMAA has always played an integral role in supporting our country during several calamities and crises and is grateful to all its donors and supporters.India needs help right away and many people around the world are asking how can we help! Please join us in this fight by donating generously to FOMAA for this cause and spreading the word among your friends and relatives. Together, We Can Serve Better! Let's stand with FOMAA in the fight for survival! Let's stand united in this crisis! Let's contribute to saving lives! and Let's show that we will overcome it!
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FOMAA Helping Hands is the branch of the Federation of Malayalee Associations of Americas (FOMAA). One of FOMAA’s main focus is to inspire the members to actively involve in the social, cultural, educational and charitable opportunities. Presently FOMAA has 73 member organizations affiliated with us.
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