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St Aloysius LP school in AthirumPuzha Kottayam is home to 425 students. Due to covid most of the education has moved online . 20 plus kids in the school dont have a television at home and hence cant effectively be part of the learning this year.They are requesting help in procuring television sets to furthur online learning.
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Anusree, a B.A Economics graduate and her sister Yedusree, a school student, are looking for kind hearted donors in their attempt to build a small home for themselves. These children lost their parents recently, and they are struggling to find a way to live. They desire to build a safe home in the three cent property they own. Life mission program has offered them some money to support this cause. However they are in need of an additional two to three lakhs to complete their home. They have provided documents supporting the authenticity and the need of the situation. Presently these sisters are supported by the community, but the covid lockdown situation has made things difficult for them. They humbly request everyone to help them get a safe home to live in. Let us come together to keep these young ladies under a safe roof.
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Dear All, FOMAA is teaming up with its member associations to help the handloom weaver families of Balaramapuramalong along with Pathanapuram Gandhibhavan residents. The handloom weavers of Balaramapuram are facing an existential crisis. The pandemic, which imposed a significant toll on many industries, has thwarted the handloom weaving economy to the precipice of calamity. This age-old industry, an integral part of our cultural and geographical heritage, is now at risk of being lost to history as The Shali Clan of Balaramapuram struggles to maintain its footing amidst these trying times. Their inventory of hand-loom apparel and accessories remains unsold due to the resurgence of COVID-19 in the form of the Delta variant which has caused new travel restrictions across India and abroad. Hundreds of families' livelihoods are dependent on the sale of these accumulated inventories of handloom woven goods from the past 2 seasons to begin production for the upcoming year and sustain themselves financially. Members of this community have earned wages and practiced the trade of handloom weaving generation after generation; foregoing new skills to uphold tradition and heritage. Due to the present situation, FOMAA is teaming up with member associations to help purchase or sell these remaining inventories. The entire stock of goods that FOMAA is acquiring will be gifted to the residents of Pathanapuram Gandhibhavan. Pathanapuram Gandhibahavan provides housing and cares for both children who have lost their parents and the elderly. This organization is lead by the kindhearted Dr. Punalur Somarajan. FOMAA has decided to help both the Balaramapuram Weavers Society as well as the residents of Pathanapuram Gandhibhavan by gifting Onakodi (new clothes gifted for Onam) and Onasadhya (feast given during the Onam festival). This effort is intended to provide some relief for both organizations and their members. However, FOMAA believes it is the duty of anyone who can help others to do so wholeheartedly. FOMAA is looking forward to your generous donations to help both groups of people who have been severely affected by present circumstances. We all have lost someone in our life due to illness, accident, natural causes, or COVID-19. We struggle daily to find closure from having lost them whether parents, family members, or friends. We kindly request that you donate an article of clothing to assist in reaching our goals. Collectively, we can quickly provide 1200 residents with Balaramapura weaved attire as Onakodi and an Onasadhya by donating just one article each.
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