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Nisha Baiju, resident of Changanassery, is struggling to survive with her ailing husband and three children. Her husband who was a daily wagers lost their job during the pandemic. To add on to it, her husband met with a body injury from a falling after the ladder he was standing on to work on the roof of a house breaking his legs in multiple areas. His doctor has recommended bed rest for a few months. Nisha has no means to take care of her family. They lost their home to the bank as they couldn't make payments towards the loan they had taken. Nisha also has health issues and does her daily chores in pain. Presently they have been begging and borrowing from others to buy food and groceries for their daily living along with the part time job at a clothng store. Please contribute to support Nisha so that we can support her in her struggle to survive.
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We humbly request you to donate to the cause of Reji K from Punalur who is suffering from life-threatening injuries from an auto accident. Reji has been slowly recovering from his spinal cord injury, but it has been a long, painful and laborious few years. His injury has left him unable to sit or stand for long periods of time. At present, he is struggling to pay for his son's education and to pay the loan for his house. Reji is finding it a struggle to sustain his family. Without our support, this family will end up in the streets. Let’s come together and donate to this cause and help Reji in the best way we can.
FOMAA Helping Hands
Saving Lives- From my Heart to your Hands
FOMAA Helping Hands is the branch of the Federation of Malayalee Associations of Americas (FOMAA). One of FOMAA’s main focus is to inspire the members to actively involve in the social, cultural, educational and charitable opportunities. Presently FOMAA has 73 member organizations affiliated with us.

Helping Hands has donated to various causes : $9745. Where 9745 is the sum of all raised money for closed cases.

Medical Needs
​ Individuals with critical health issues requiring financial support.
Education Needs
Aspiring students experiencing financial hardships in various fields of education.
Natural Disaster/Calamities
Families and individuals who have suffered loss due to natural disasters or calamities.
Victims of​ unexpected ​ tragedies.
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